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Colin Morgan to star in BBC Radio new programme “The Sonic Century: A New Art”

According to the BBC, Colin Morgan will lend his voice for the new BBC Radio 3 programme The Sonic Century: A New Art. He will play the role of Lance Sieveking. The program will be broadcast on Sunday, 23 October 2022.

Radio pioneer Lance Sieveking headed the BBC’s Programme Research Department in 1928 and saw radio as art and himself as an artist and producer. His book The Stuff of Radio, he described as “observations about a new art, comparing its technique with that of other arts. The Mystery of Painting with Sound.” Absorbing modernist theories and practices of the time, and influenced by the emerging field of psychoanalysis, he created innovative and experimental radio which fully exploited the creative potential of the new technology available to him.

In this feature we hear newly recorded extracts of Sieveking’s “first full-sized” 70-minute-long live radio “experiment”, The Kaleidoscope, a Rhythm, Representing the Life of Man from Cradle to Grave. Time travelling back to the BBC studios where Sieveking ‘conducted’ his experiment, the producer and composer Nina Perry creates a kaleidoscopic montage, made with modern-day audio technology, to reveal the daring complexity of what was at the time, an exceptional feat of live broadcasting involving seven different studios with actors, a choir, a quintet, a jazz band, sound effects and a full orchestra.

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Colin Morgan to star in “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”

According to The Irish Times, Colin Morgan will star in star in the film adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s play a Long Day’s Journey into Night! Unfortunately, filming was due to start on Monday but was postponed due to financial problems. Ed Harris (The Truman Show, Westworld) and Jessica Lange (Tootsie, Big Fish, American Horror Story) will play, respectively, husband and wife James and Mary Tyrone. Ben Foster (X-Men: The Last Stand) and Colin Morgan will play, respectively, their sons, Jamie and Edmund Tyrone.

Harris and Lange had been cast to play, respectively, husband and wife James and Mary Tyrone – the role played by Lange on London’s West End in 2000. Other members of the cast included the American actor Ben Foster (as Jamie, their older son), the Northern Ireland actor Colin Morgan (playing Edmund, their younger son), the Irish actor Ericka Roe (the couple’s summer maid, characterised by O’Neill as a “buxom Irish peasant… amiable, ignorant, clumsy with a well-meaning stupidity”), and American actor Lesa Thurman, playing Bridget, a cook.